Online Colleges in Georgia with No Application Fee

Online Colleges in Georgia with No Application Fee – The Best 8

There are a lot of online degrees you can apply for; however, most schools’ online degree programs require an application fee. But, isn’t what you are trying to avoid!

Fortunately, your search for online colleges in Georgia with no application fee has lead you to this content.

In this article, I am going to explain some of the best online colleges in Georgia with no application fee. These schools are prestigious, and provide state of art learning theater.

Below are 8 of the best Online Colleges in Georgia with No Application Fee

  • South University
  • Herzing University – Atlanta
  • Point University
  • Strayer University in Georgia
  • Brenau University
  • Reinhardt University
  • Truett McConnell University
  • Wesleyan College

Before we take a deep look into each of the eight schools and talk about their acceptance rate, tuition fee, and every other thing you need to know. let’s take a look at some of the necessary questions that might be bothering you concerning online colleges in Georgia with no Application fee.

Why do People Choose to Enroll in A Distance Learning Institution?

There are many benefits that comes with enrolling in a distance learning institution. And they include:

To save money, have a more flexible schedule.

You earn a degree on your time, whether you’re a regular college student or an individual with a full-time job.

Thanks to online universities, students from one state or country can attend School in another without having to travel.

How Much Does Community College Cost in GA

Community colleges in Georgia have average an annual cost of $3,784 for in-state students. However, many universities provide online courses at reduced cost and without a registration fee. 

You can save a ton of money, especially if you’re applying to several universities.

Which Community College Is Cheapest in Georgia?

Albany Technical College is by far one of the cheapest colleges in Georgia. The annual tuition stands at $2,400 for in-state students. It is the most affordable community college in Georgia, costing 36% less than the $3,755 national average for public two-year tuition.

As a part of the Technical College System of Georgia, it offers excellent educational services to seven counties in southwest Georgia.

Top Online Colleges in Georgia with No Application Fee

South University, Online 

  • Acceptance Rate: 100%
  • Tuition: $21,860
  • Undergraduate Students: 2,190
  • Fully Online

The South University was established in 1899 and maintained its primary campus and online operations in Savannah, Georgia. South University – Online has received accreditation from the CCSACS to award bachelor’s, master’s, and doctorate degrees.

The entire curriculum at South University is available online. There is no application fee at the renowned online university South University in Georgia.

Among the most popular subjects offered by the university are business and technology, criminal justice and legal studies, healthcare, nursing, and public health, as well as theology, counseling, and public administration.

With South University’s online degree programs, you have the flexibility to attend classes whenever you want, day or night, from any location with an internet connection.

At South University, the assurance of individualized guidance and support from faculty and staff who are committed to helping you achieve your highest career goals is combined with the flexibility of an online classroom.

Therefore, if you’re seeking top-tier online colleges in Georgia with no application fee, think about applying to South University’s online programs.

Herzing University in Atlanta.

  • Acceptance Rate: 92%
  • Tuition: $23,867
  • Undergraduate Students: 415
  • Online Programs Offered: 27

Herzing University Atlanta is one of the best online colleges in Georgia with no application fee. The School provides a number of degrees that can be completed entirely online, including nursing, business, medical insurance coding, healthcare management, medical assistant, medical office management, criminal justice, and safety studies.

For those seeking a low-cost education, Herzing University’s online curriculum is the ideal option. Additionally, Herzing University – Atlanta does not charge for applications; only the financial aid request form and the admission information form must be submitted.

You have the option to connect to the outside world at Herzing University. Due to the institution’s commitment to providing excellent instruction and other services that will help students succeed. Start by visiting the Herzing University Atlanta online to submit your application.

Point University

  • Acceptance Rate: 35%
  • Tuition: $24,449
  • Undergraduate students: 780
  • Online Programs Offered: 26

Private Point University, based in West Point, Georgia, was founded in 1937. Point University, a prominent university in Georgia, doesn’t charge an application fee.

The university is listed as the 71st-best regional college in the South. Point University admits just 35% of applicants, making entrance exceedingly hard. Point University is a reputable school with a reasonable tuition rate.

The School offers a variety of online programs that can help you succeed in your career. If you’re looking for a college that offers the most value for your money, Point University is the place to go.

The School’s most popular academic fields include business, psychology, theology, ministerial studies, child development, and criminal justice and law enforcement administration.

The engaging content and practical tasks in online courses make studying pleasurable. The lecturers are always available to help and motivate students during office hours or by appointment.

Point University offers online undergraduate and graduate degree programs, so there is something for everyone. Utilize it right away.

Strayer University in Georgia 

  • Acceptance Rate: 100%
  • Tuition: $23,442
  • Undergraduate Students: 515
  • Online Programs Offered: 19

This private and non-profitable university has continued to provide top quality education. Strayer University was once known as Strayer College began operation in 1892.

The Strayer campus in Cobb County, Georgia, is where their dedicated team of advisers can help you choose a course of study, manage the admissions process, and look for financial aid opportunities.

For instance, the university’s College of Arts and Sciences, School of Business, and School of Education all offer a selection of online degree programs. 

Strayer has obtained certifications from The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) and The Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP) (SHRM). This demonstrates how Strayer maintains the highest standards for its faculty, curriculum, learner services, and financial stability.

The School is devoted to upholding high standards in every area, including faculty, curriculum, services, and finances, to make sure that you graduate with a degree you can be proud to display.

The Strayer University campus in Georgia is committed to giving its students an accessible, top-notch education. It’s not surprising that because online programs may be customized to meet your schedule, it’s one of the best online institutions in Georgia.

Brenau University

  • Acceptance Rate: 67%
  • Tuition: $21,715
  • Undergraduate students: 1,095
  • Online Programs: 17

Located in Gainesville, Georgia, Brenau University is a Private, nonprofit university. The institution offers a wide range of undergraduate and graduate programs online.

There are two ways to apply for admission to Brenau University: the Brenau Application and the Common Application. 67% of applicants are accepted at Brenau University.

The Georgia-based Brenau University’s online college has no application fees. It is a wonderful choice for people who want to attend an online college without having to worry about the cost of applying.

Brenau University also provides a huge selection of online degrees in fields like English, Business Psychology, Nursing Science, Elementary Education, and Healthcare Management. That would be a terrific choice for individuals looking to complete an online degree or certificate program.

The university is listed as the #40 Best Regional Universities in the South by US News & World Report. Therefore, if you want to save money on tuition, you’ll be happy to know that there are several good online universities in Georgia that don’t charge an application cost.

If you want to achieve great things while paying less in tuition, think about Brenau University.

Reinhardt University

  • Acceptance Rate: 99%
  • Tuition: $22,645
  • Undergraduate Students: 1,157
  • Online Programs: 2

Reinhardt University in Waleska, Georgia, is a private university called founded in 1883. This college offers excellent academic standards and a straightforward admissions process.

Reinhardt University has an acceptance rate of 99%. But that does not automatically make admission easy. You should start your application procedure months before the deadline for freshman enrollment because Reinhardt University admissions are more competitive than those of the majority of other Georgian universities.

Applying is completely free, and you may do it either online or by mail. This implies that you can save money for supplemental college-related expenses.

Financial aid applications are made simpler for students, giving them the support they need to complete their degrees without incurring significant debt. Reinhardt University is significantly less expensive to attend than other universities.

US News & World Report ranks Reinhardt University 104–137th among the Best Regional Universities in the South.

If you’re looking for online colleges in Georgia with no application fee, Reinhardt University is a great option.

Truett McConnell University

  • Acceptance Rate: 97%
  • Tuition: $19,397
  • Undergraduate Student: 1,500
  • Online Programs: 1

Are you trying to find online colleges in Georgia with no application fee? Visit Truett McConnell University!

Cleveland, Georgia-based Truett McConnell University is a private institution that opened its doors in 1946.

Since 97% of candidates are accepted, admission is less competitive. The university is ranked #44 in the South by US News and World Report.

The School is open to everyone; thus, anyone who meets the requirements for admission will be allowed to enroll.

Baptist Church ties bind Christian university Truett McConnell University. The college offers bachelor’s degrees in a variety of fields, including ministry, teaching, and business.

TMU is an excellent choice for anybody looking for a top-notch education. Additionally, you can submit a free online application to TMU! There are no essay requirements or entrance costs.

Wesleyan College 

  • Acceptance Rate: 60%
  • Tuition: $12,117.
  • Undergraduate Students: 500
  • Online Program: 1

There are numerous benefits to considering Wesleyan College’s online program as an option for you. For its online college, there is no application fee. One of Georgia’s most economic colleges is Wesleyan College.

In order to help students, afford college, Wesleyan University also offers a range of financial aid options and scholarships.

Another consideration is the quality of the education provided by Wesleyans. Wesleyan is a highly recognized institution of higher education because it has received accreditation from the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC). Wesleyan was additionally named one of the “Best Online Colleges in Georgia” by The Georgia Independent College Association (GICA).

Finally, students should consider Wesleyan because of its commitment to student success. Among the services and resources, the college offers to help students succeed academically are tutoring, academic advising, and career counseling.

One of Georgia’s finest free online universities is Wesleyan University.

Conclusion on Online Colleges in Georgia with No Application Fee

We believe that this article on the Best Online Colleges in Georgia with No Application Fee has helped you with the decision of choosing the best online college in Georgia without Application fee.

However, in case you missed the list, let me summarize it by listing it below.

  1. South University
  2. Herzing University – Atlanta
  3. Point University
  4. Strayer University in Georgia
  5. Brenau University
  6. Reinhardt University
  7. Truett McConnell University
  8. Wesleyan College
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